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Fundamental Analysis

  • What is fundamental analysis?
  • Investors are always looking for World Class Companies for investments.
    How does world class company look like and key features?
  • What is definition of Strong Company??
  • Industry Leaders
  • Long History
  • Steady growth over long cycles ( 10Years)
  • Consistent record of share holders value creations
  • Strong total shareholder returns
  • What is definition of Growing markets??
  • Products & Services will grow & are in demands.
  • What does we mean by Competitive advantage ??
  • Partnership with Industry Leaders
  • High barriers to Entry
  • Innovative technology
  • Proprietary/Sole Source positions ( long product life cycles, R&D proactive)
  • High Value complex products
  • What is does good Financial performance??
  • Double Digit growth
  • Return on Invested Capital – 15%
  • Sales growth with peers
  • Growing Free Cash Flow
  • Inventory less than 9% of sales
  • What we focus on fundamental research analysis??
  • Four factors focus in fundamental analysis - GPFMV
  • Growth : research on Sales, net profit and EPS historical growth
  • Profitability : research on Net operating margin and profit margin historical performance
  • Financial Health : research on Debit to Equity, Current ratio , Cash flow and Book Value/Share historical performance
  • Management Efficiency : research on return on net worth and capital employed historical performance
  • Valuation: analyse various price ratios and current dividend yield performance
  • All the Four factors are found under Fundamental analysis tab. The current quarter performance is compared with last 4 quarters average performance and current financial year performance is compared with last 5 years average performance. In one glance you can analysis how stock is performing historically. SIMPLE & EASY to understand.
  • Scoring system
  • We have created a algorithm in backend which runs and scores the stocks based on FUNDAMENTAL, TECHNICAL and SENTIMENT Analysis.
    The Scoring system looks like below:
  • Fundamental Score on scale of 1 to 6 stars.
  • Technical on scale of 1-2 Stars
  • Sentimental analysis on scale of 1-3 starts,
  • Total score is sum of all 1 is low and 11 is highest. Higher the score attractive is stock for investment. You don’t have to do any manual calculation’s the algorithm will do for you. This research analysis scorecard is accessible after subscription. Technical analysis and Sentiment analysis is explained in another modules