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Pidilite Industries Ltd . Large Cap

20/04/2021 4:00:00 PM
1770.60 -1.00   (-0.06%)
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Prev. Close 1771.60
Open Price 1785.00
Volume Traded 31695.00


Mar'11 Mar'12 Mar'13 Mar'14 Mar'15 Mar'16 Mar'17 Mar'18 Mar'19 Mar'20
Ajusted EPS(Rs.) 5.81 6.05 7.79 8.26 9.33 14.41 16.73 19.03 18.28 22.08
Net Sales (Rs. Cr.) 2657.18 3126.57 3678.11 4283.21 4844.1 5361.17 5616.79 6078.41 7077.96 7294.47
Adjusted Net Profit 300.02 313.19 402.84 442.31 501.36 807.23 864.67 961.45 942.04 1160.85
Book Value/ Share(Rs.) 21.43 26.01 32.22 38.09 44.29 51.45 67.7 70.38 81.66 87.69
Cash Flow 39.03 -6.58 -12.21 53.67 -49.02 45.27 -44.56 45.94 -28.92 533.28
Debt to Cash Flow from Operations 1.12 0.88 0.24 0.12 0.11 0.09 0.12 0.16 0.13 0.22
RONW 31.52 26.82 28.37 24.80 24.08 32.89 28.26 27.43 24.04 26.08
ROCE % 31.71 30.06 34.76 32.99 31.65 45.20 39.57 36.88 33.28 32.71
Net Operating Profit Margin % 16.55 15.11 16.67 15.29 15.50 21.77 22.49 23.78 20.83 22.48
Net Profit Margin % 11.04 9.82 10.82 9.86 9.91 14.16 14.24 15.54 13.12 15.38
Debt / Equity 0.41 0.27 0.15 0.04 0.02 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.05
Dividend Yield % 1.17 1.07 0.99 0.88 0.48 0.70 0.44 0.53 0.45 0.40
Mar'11 Mar'12 Mar'13 Mar'14 Mar'15 Mar'16 Mar'17 Mar'18 Mar'19 Mar'20
Ajusted EPS(Rs.) 5.72 6.28 8.55 8.68 9.2 13.23 15.09 18.81 19.28 21.68
Net Sales (Rs. Cr.) 2367.03 2816.32 3331.69 3878.24 4398.08 4731.03 4865.37 5354.4 6093.88 6332.59
Adjusted Net Profit 295.56 334.48 445.63 463.83 504.17 748.31 838.93 955.71 957.22 1143.71
Book Value/ Share(Rs.) 22.52 27.02 33.79 39.78 45.83 51.7 66.3 70.18 82.42 87.87
Cash Flow 39.49 -10.48 -9.86 37.18 -44.47 28.76 -19.40 19.49 -5.60 503.78
Debt to Cash Flow from Operations 0.96 0.71 0.12 0.02 0.01 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.06
RONW 0.00 0.00 29.69 24.85 22.87 29.87 25.58 27.44 25.27 25.47
ROCE % 30.60 30.42 36.35 33.08 30.54 42.60 37.71 37.87 35.01 32.76
Net Operating Profit Margin % 17.66 16.54 18.96 16.96 16.58 22.86 23.31 25.91 24.23 24.68
Net Profit Margin % 12.15 11.25 12.98 11.36 10.72 14.75 14.60 17.40 16.07 17.40
Debt / Equity 0.34 0.22 0.10 0.02 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.01
Dividend Yield % 1.17 1.07 0.99 0.88 0.48 0.70 0.44 0.53 0.45 0.40

Year on Year Growth Rate (%)

Ajusted EPS Sales Adjusted Net Profit

Latest Financials

Standalone Consolidated
TTM EPS (Rs) 19.46 19.74
TTM Sales (Rs. Cr.) 5677.87 6601.87
BVPS (Rs.) 95.76 95.16
Reserves (Rs. Cr.) 4815.09 4784.57
P/BV 18.49 18.61
PE 90.99 89.69605
From the Market
52 Week High / Low (Rs) 1927.95/1307.05
All Time High / Low (Rs) 1194/2.81
Volume Traded 31695
Market Cap (Rs. Cr.) 89973.64
Equity (Rs. Cr.) 50.815338
Face Value (Rs) 1
Industry PE 0

Quarterly Results

Mar'2020 Jun'2020 Sep'2020 Dec'2020
Net Sales (Cr) 1318.55 772.39 1630.23 1956.70
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 3.61 1.12 6.67 8.06
Net Profit Margin % 13.91 7.34 20.80 20.93
Mar'2020 Jun'2020 Sep'2020 Dec'2020
Net Sales (Cr) 1544.68 877.84 1880.33 2299.02
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 3.51 0.53 7.01 8.70
Net Profit Margin % 11.53 3.05 18.96 19.22

Quarterly Growth Rate (%)

Ajusted EPS Sales Net Profit Margin

Peers Data

Name Current Price(Rs) Market Cap. (Rs. cr.) Net Profit(Rs. cr.) Sales Growth(%)
Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Corp Ltd 229 2351.31 30.71 -19.96
Oriental Aromatics Ltd 716.25 2410.44 86.75 -35.90
BASF India Ltd 2026.45 8772.5 18.51 -12.59
Deepak Nitrite Ltd 1554.85 21207.07 544.04 -64.31
Atul Ltd 7582.1 22433.2 640.17 -37.67
Pidilite Industries Ltd 1770.6 89973.64 1101.62 -31.16



12695.69 -79.31   (-0.62%)


47705.80 -243.62   (-0.51%)
9 Days Avg
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2021/03/31 17:00

Pidilite Industries completes acquisition of Nitin Enterprises

Pidilite Industries has completed the acquisition of the business of wholly owned entity, Nitin Enterprise.

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About Company

A consumer and specialities chemical company Pidilite Industries Limited (Pidilite) was incorporated on 28th July 1969. Pidilite is the market leader in adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, hobby colours and polymer emulsions in India. Its brand name Fevicol has become synonymous with adhesives to millions in India and is ranked amongst the most trusted brands in India. The company's product range includes Adhesives and Sealants, construction chemicals, craftsmen products, polymer emulsions, paint chemicals, automotive chemicals, art materials and stationery, fabric care, maintenance chemicals, industrial adhesives, industrial, textile resins and organic pigments and preparations. Some of the company's major brands are M-Seal, Fevikwik, Fevistik, Roff, Dr. Fixit, Fevicryl, Motomax and Hobby Ideas. Pidilite was the first company in India, which started production of violet pigment in the year 1973. In 1984, the company's consumer product division was born and in 1989 the company entered fevicryl acrylic colours transform fabric and multi-surface painting market. The Company made its maiden public offering of equity shares in the year 1993. During the year 1995, plants of the company in Mumbai and Vapi acquired an ISO 9001 certification. Also the plant at Mahad received an ISO 9002 certification in the same year. Fevicol, the premier brand of the company ranked among the Top 15 Indian brands by FE Brandwagon Year Book 1997. After two years, in 1999, Pidilite had acquired 'Ranipal', leading brand of optical whitener and subsequently acquired 'M-Seal', leading brand of epoxy compounds in the year of 2000. In the identical year of 2000 itself, Fevicol campaign won the Silver ABBY for the Campaign of the Century in India. The Company had launched Dr. Fixit range of Construction Chemicals in the year 2001 and had acquired 'Steelgrip', leading brand of PVC insulation tape in India during the year 2002. Pidilite had again acquired the Roff' brand of Construction Chemicals in the year of 2004. A wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, under the banner 'Pidilite International Pte Ltd was incorporated by the company in the year 2005 for its international operations, encompassing the acquisition of overseas companies and joint ventures. Also in the same year 2005, Pidilite had acquired Chemson Asia Pte Ltd, an existing Singapore-based company in the business of manufacturing waterproof coating and emulsion paints, thereby adding to its existing, and rapidly-growing construction chemicals and paints range and the company had took over Jupiter Chemicals in Dubai. During the identical year of 2005, the company had incorporated a subsidiary, namely 'Pidilite Do Brasil Desenvolvimento De Negocios Ltd', in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 'Pidilite Middle East Limited', as an offshore company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone of Dubai. During the year 2006, Pidilite had acquired Tristar Colman brand and business, Tristar Fine Art, a market leader in brushes for drawing and painting and Bamco Thailand, a Construction Chemical company. Also Pidilite had acquired the business and assets of Sargent Art Inc through a subsidiary Pidilite USA Inc, Delaware. The Company had established its R&D centre in Singapore under the banner 'Pidilite Innovation Centre Pte Ltd.' Pidilite had de-merged VAM manufacturing unit at Mahad of Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd into the company with effect from 1st April of the year 2007. During 2007-08, Fevicol 1K PUR and Fevicol Kwikgrab were introduced by the company to take care of special applications in building construction segment. Pidilite with its wholly-owned subsidiaries had acquired assets and business of branded sealants and adhesives from Hardcastle & Waud Manufacturing Co. Ltd and associates. The Company had acquired Bhimad Commercial Co. and Madhumala Traders by investing Rs 170,000 each in February of the year 2008. Fevicol has been ranked No. 1 in Household Care Segment in June 2008.The Board of Directors of Pidilite Industries at its meeting held on 10 June 2013 decided to explore induction of a strategic partner for the Synthetic Elastomer Project.On 22 September 2014, Pidilite Industries announced that its Board of Directors has approved the acquisition of the adhesive business of Blue Coat Private Limited on a slump sale basis for a cash consideration of Rs 263.57 crore. On 12 December 2014, Pidilite Industries announced that the company along with its wholly owned subsidiary Pidilite International Pte Ltd. has incorporated a private limited subsidiary company in Ethiopia on 10 December 2014 in the name of Pidilite Chemical PLC for manufacture of adhesives, mastics, paints, varnishes or similar coatings, printing, writing and painting inks etc. The Board of Directors of Pidilite Industries at its meeting held on 30 March 2015 approved investment in equity shares of Nina Waterproofing Systems Private Limited. The proposed shareholding of the company in Nina will be 70%, thereby making Nina a subsidiary of the company. The initial investment of Pidilite Industries in Nina will be about Rs 23.33 lakh. The Board has also approved additional investment up to Rs 100 crore in Nina. On 16 April 2015, Pidilite Industries announced that its subsidiary Nina Waterproofing Systems Private Ltd. (NWSP) has acquired the waterproofing business of Nina Concrete Systems Private Ltd. (NCS) on a slump sale basis. PIL holds 70% of the paid up capital in NWSP. The waterproofing business under the brand name NINA was established in 1965. NINA is recognized as one of the leading waterproofing solution contractors in India. NINA has its major presence across the construction spectrum including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure segments. On 25 November 2015, Pidilite Industries announced that the company along with its wholly owned subsidiary Fevicol Company Limited has on 20 November 2015 incorporated a company in the name of Wood Coat Private Limited to be engaged in all types of coatings for wood including wood stains, fillers, primers, wood finish etc. On 30 November 2015, Pidilite Industries announced that Pidilite Lanka (Private) Limited, a step down subsidiary of the company incorporated in Sri Lanka, has acquired from CIC Holdings PLC, the Chemifix trade mark and other brands associated with PVAC Adhesives business along with the commercial and technical knowhow relating to PVAC Adhesive business. CIC Holdings PLC is a large conglomerate in Sri Lanka and is involved in number of segment in Sri Lanka such as chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, agri chemical, food products etc. On 25 April 2016, Pidilite Industries announced that its Board of Directors has approved execution of definitive agreements with INDUSTRIA CHIMICA ADRIATICA SPA (ICA), a leading wood finish manufacturer based in Italy. As part of the joint venture, Pidilite Industries along with its wholly owned subsidiary Fevicol Company Limited, will hold 50% of the shareholding in Wood Coat Private Limited (the joint venture company) and the remaining 50% of the shareholding will be held by ICA and Italcoats, a partnership firm and distributor of ICA wood finishes in India. The joint venture company will initially engage in high technology wood finish business in India and other select countries. Wood Coat Private Limited is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Pidilite Industries. The joint venture company will acquire the current wood finish distribution business of Italcoats and will be exclusive distributor of ICA wood finishes in India and other select countries. The joint venture company will also acquire technology and knowhow for manufacture of select wood finish products from ICA and shall be entitled to manufacture ICA wood finishes for marketing, distribution and sales in India and other select countries. Pidilite Industries' Board of Directors has approved an equity investment of up to Rs 63.75 crore on or before 15 May 2016 and a further equity investment of up to Rs 62.50 crore in accordance with the business requirements of the joint venture company. On 16 June 2016, Pidilite Industries informed stock exchanges that its two wholly owned subsidiaries Pidilite International Pte. Ltd and Pidilite Middle East Ltd, have acquired shares of Nebula East Africa Private Limited (NEAPL), a company incorporated in Kenya. With this acquisition, the wholly owned subsidiaries of the company hold 100% of the paid up share capital (which is Kenyan Shillings 100,000) equivalent to approximately USD 1000 in NEAPL. NEAPL is proposed to be engaged in the business as manufacturers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers etc. in adhesives, sealants, and all other products used for making or producing adhesives and sealants. The Board of Directors of Pidilite Industries at its meeting held on 26 December 2017 approved buyback proposal for purchase by the company of its own fully paid up equity shares of Re 1 each not exceeding 50 lakh equity shares (being 0.975% of the total paid up equity capital of the company) at a price of Rs 1000 per share for an aggregate amount of up to Rs 500 crore. The proposed buyback will be through the tender offer route.On 9 February 2018, Pidilite Industries announced that it has completed the acquisition of 70% equity shares of CIPY Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd. CIPY is engaged in the business of manufacture and sale of floor coatings using polyurethanes, epoxies, polyurea and polyaspartic polymers. CIPY is one of the well-known floor coating companies in India. The nature of consideration will be cash being an amount of Rs 96.40 crore in aggregate payable to the existing shareholders of CIPY for the purchase of a portion of the shares held by them in CIPY. The acquisition will help Pidilite Industries to participate in the growth of the resin flooring and floor coatings market. The turnover of CIPY was Rs 110.40 crore for the year 2016-17. Earlier, the Board of Directors of Pidilite Industries at its meeting held on 5 January 2018 approved acquisition of 70% equity shares of CIPY Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.On 7 March 2018, Pidilite Industries announced that it has entered into a collaboration with Jowat SE, a German family-owned enterprise and one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives worldwide. As part of the collaboration, Pidilite will now exclusively handle sales and distribution of the entire range of Jowat adhesives in India and other neighboring countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In addition to this, the two companies have also entered into a technical collaboration encompassing the high growth, specialised category of Hot Melt adhesives. This will provide a comprehensive range of Thermoplastic Hot Melt adhesives for use in several industrial, and modular and other wooden furniture segments.