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Berger Paints India Ltd . Large Cap

20/04/2021 4:00:00 PM
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Mar'11 Mar'12 Mar'13 Mar'14 Mar'15 Mar'16 Mar'17 Mar'18 Mar'19 Mar'20
Ajusted EPS(Rs.) 4.13 4.97 6 6.82 3.56 5.34 4.88 4.75
Net Sales (Rs. Cr.) 2340.7 2947.73 3346.41 3869.72 4322.06 4223.1 4552.25 5165.73
Adjusted Net Profit 147.18 179.91 217.7 248.86 260.91 359.55 425.94 449.04
Book Value/ Share(Rs.) 19.9 22.84 27.5 32.31 18.17 22.51 19.58 22.6
Cash Flow 84.00 57.14 44.58 -42.92 31.97 -32.27 3.68 38.34
Debt to Cash Flow from Operations 2.61 2.37 4.59 2.01 1.47 0.60 1.03 1.00
RONW 23.38 24.34 25.06 24.07 22.25 26.27 24.61 22.50
ROCE % 25.45 25.55 25.23 24.11 24.89 30.78 30.51 29.44
Net Operating Profit Margin % 10.09 9.44 9.96 9.90 10.44 14.04 14.66 15.69
Net Profit Margin % 5.91 5.64 5.96 5.87 5.56 7.91 8.43 8.72
Debt / Equity 0.46 0.51 0.56 0.57 0.52 0.34 0.22 0.20
Dividend Yield % 1.48 1.32 0.92 0.96 0.60 0.84 0.58 0.60
Mar'11 Mar'12 Mar'13 Mar'14 Mar'15 Mar'16 Mar'17 Mar'18 Mar'19 Mar'20
Ajusted EPS(Rs.) 4.08 4.9 5.75 6.39 3.58 5.14 4.57 4.45 4.49 7.2
Net Sales (Rs. Cr.) 2107.1 2662.09 3024.21 3384.82 3806.51 3857.81 4225.32 4723.79 5515.55 5691.69
Adjusted Net Profit 145.35 177.26 209.15 233.72 262.20 345.06 386.97 420.08 445.19 687.10
Book Value/ Share(Rs.) 20.87 24.4 28.4 32.64 18.64 22.96 19.7 22.08 24.25 27.03
Cash Flow 85.20 53.48 46.25 -59.47 31.06 -32.67 4.40 35.47 -33.92 28.42
Debt to Cash Flow from Operations 0.93 1.42 1.72 0.90 0.75 0.12 0.35 0.36 0.80 0.56
RONW 0.00 0.00 22.95 22.15 21.96 24.71 21.08 21.29 19.38 28.08
ROCE % 30.06 29.09 27.62 26.34 28.41 34.22 30.20 31.29 28.28 31.75
Net Operating Profit Margin % 10.49 9.85 10.19 10.33 11.27 14.56 14.09 15.99 15.46 18.90
Net Profit Margin % 6.45 6.11 6.30 6.27 6.31 8.27 8.04 8.92 7.90 12.28
Debt / Equity 0.10 0.18 0.26 0.29 0.24 0.12 0.05 0.06 0.13 0.18
Dividend Yield % 1.48 1.32 0.92 0.96 0.60 0.84 0.58 0.60 0.38 0.31

Year on Year Growth Rate (%)

Ajusted EPS Sales Adjusted Net Profit

Latest Financials

Standalone Consolidated
TTM EPS (Rs) 7.11 6.33
TTM Sales (Rs. Cr.) 5399.19 6146.34
BVPS (Rs.) 29.23 29.52
Reserves (Rs. Cr.) 2741.99 2770.44
P/BV 24.28 24.04
PE 100.66 113.06477
From the Market
52 Week High / Low (Rs) 824.8/431.55
All Time High / Low (Rs) 329.85/0.41
Volume Traded 13879
Market Cap (Rs. Cr.) 69515.59
Equity (Rs. Cr.) 97.1295037
Face Value (Rs) 1
Industry PE 0

Quarterly Results

Mar'2020 Jun'2020 Sep'2020 Dec'2020
Net Sales (Cr) 1174.82 826.14 1536.36 1861.87
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 2.00 0.51 1.98 2.61
Net Profit Margin % 16.57 6.03 12.54 13.62
Mar'2020 Jun'2020 Sep'2020 Dec'2020
Net Sales (Cr) 1354.84 930.76 1742.55 2118.19
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 1.07 0.16 2.27 2.83
Net Profit Margin % 7.66 1.66 12.68 12.97

Quarterly Growth Rate (%)

Ajusted EPS Sales Net Profit Margin

Peers Data

Name Current Price(Rs) Market Cap. (Rs. cr.) Net Profit(Rs. cr.) Sales Growth(%)
Shalimar Paints Ltd 83.45 457.75 -37.88 -37.82
Akzo Nobel India Ltd 2206.15 10038.91 237.4 -38.39
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd 548.25 29209.45 535.4 -32.16
Berger Paints India Ltd 709.7 69515.59 699.05 -25.78
Asian Paints Ltd 2555.65 246700.88 2653.95 -25.28



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About Company

Berger Paints India Ltd is the second largest paint company in India. They are offering their customers a variety of innovative painting solutions, decorative or industrial. The company is headquartered in Calcutta and services the market through a distribution network comprising of about 110 stock points and more than 25,000 dealers. They are having their manufacturing facilities in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Pondicherry, Goa, and Jammu & Kashmir. The company also has an international presence in 4 countries viz. Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland and Russia.The Company has Technical License Agreements with DuPont Performance Coatings in the area of automotive coatings, Nippon Paint Co Ltd for new generation of automotive coatings, Orica Australia Pty Ltd In the area of protective coatings, TIGERWERK Lack-u.Farbenfabrik GmbH & C. KG, Austria for specialized powder coatings and Nippon Bee Chemical Co Ltd for coating on plastic auto parts and mobile phones. The company was incorporated on December 17, 1923 as Hadfield's (India) Ltd in Kolkata. In December 12, 1947, British Paints Holdings acquired the company and the name was changed into British Paints India Ltd. In the year 1965, British Paints (Holdings) Limited, UK was acquired by Celanese Corporation, USA. As a result, the controlling interest of the Company passed on to CELEURO NV, Holland. In the year 1969, Celanese Corporation sold their interest in the Indian company to Berger, Jenson Nicholson Limited, UK. In December 1983, the company name was changed to Berger Paints India Ltd.From 1983 till date, the company has solely used and developed the name and trademark of Berger and all their other variants in India. The company launched Color Bank tinting system through which the consumer can select form a range of over 5000 colors and which are then made available in minutes. In the year 1997, a new paint manufacturing unit at Pondicherry was commissioned. In the year 1999, Rajdoot Paints Ltd was merged with the company. In the year 2000, the company acquired 100% share in Jenson & Nicholoson Nepal Pvt Ltd which was wholly owned subsidiary of Jenson & Nicholson India Ltd and renamed Berger Jenson & Nicholson, Nepal. During the year 2001-02, the Motors & Industrial paints business of ICI India was acquired through their subsidiary, Berger Auto & Industrial Coatings Limited. During the year 2003-04, a new unit in Jammu started commercial production. Also, the company entered into a joint venture with Principal Financial Group USA, Punjab National Bank and Vijaya Bank for Pension Fund and Insurance Business.Berger Auto & Industrial Coatings Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary company amalgamated with the company with effect from April 1, 2004 and operates as BAICL Division of the company. The company invested in Berger Cyprus, a company incorporated in Cyprus on February 3, 2005 for the purpose of setting up a paint manufacturing facility in Russia. During the year 2005-06, the company started the commercial production at their new 2400 MTPA powder coating plant in Jammu. In April 2007, the Jammu Resin plant of the Company with a capacity of 9,000 MTPA commenced production. The Company has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Nippon Bee Chemical Co Ltd, Japan for the purpose of formation of a company for manufacture and sale of coatings for plastic substrates used in automobiles and parts thereof in India. Berger Paints Overseas Ltd in Russia has commenced commercial production in September 2007 at their modern plant in the Republic of Adygeya, with alkyd based and water based paints.The company expanded the capacity in the Goa solvent based paint to 18000 KL per annum. The company is in the process of setting up an automobile paint manufacturing plant with a combined capacity of 24000 MTPA at Jejuri Industrial Estate in Pune. The Company has started preliminary work for expansion of water based paint and resin manufacturing capacity in their existing plant at Rishra in West Bengal and installation of a resin manufacturing plant in Goa.In August 2008, the company acquired Bolix SA (Bolix), a leading provider of External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) in Poland, from Advent International, a global private equity group.On 7 August 2009, Berger Paints India announced the Board of Directors of the company has decided to install a water based paint plant with a capacity of about 1 lakh tonnes per annum in South India.In 2009, British Paints was re-introduced in India with its globally recognized corporate brand, as a SBU of Berger Paints India Limited, with head quarters in New Delhi. It now operates in the Retail, Industrial & Projects verticals. On 11 March 2013, Berger Paints India announced that it has agreed to acquire the architectural operations of Sherwin Williams Paints India Private Limited, for an undisclosed sum, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Brushworks Paints Ltd. The transaction will significantly increase Berger Paints' presence in key markets and it builds on the company's strategy of growing its architectural paints business throughout India.On 10 April 2013, Citland Commercial Credits Ltd, Wang Investments And Finance Pvt. Ltd, Bigg Investments And Finance Pvt. Ltd, Ms. Vinu Dhingra and Mr. Kuldip Singh Dhingra, forming a part of the Promoter group, announced Offer for Sale of an aggregate 18.72 lakh equity shares constituting 0.54% of the equity share capital of the company.On 7 November 2013, Berger Paints India announced that the company commenced trial production at its Hindupur plant in Andhra Pradesh during the quarter ended 30 September 2013.On 31 January 2014, the company inaugurated its new paint manufacturing facility at Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh. The factory has an initial capacity of 80,000 tonnes per annum. In the final phase, the factory will have a capacity of 3.2 lakh tonnes per annum. Additionally, there will be a plant for the manufacture of 1 lakh KL of emulsion, a key raw material, for which a provision already exits. On 23 September 2014, Berger Paints India announced commencement of commercial production at the Hindupur factory in Andhra Pradesh.The Board of Directors of Berger Paints India at its meeting held on 4 November 2014 approved the sub-division of the company's equity shares of nominal value of Rs 2 each into Equity Shares of nominal value of Re 1 each.On 5 May 2015, Berger Paints India announced commencement of commercial production at the company's powder coating plant at Maharashtra. Earlier, on 13 October 2014, the company announced commencement of trail production at this unit. On 3 August 2015, Berger Paints India announced that the company has decided to install two factories in Assam. One of them will be a putty and distemper manufacturing facility to be put up by British Paints Division of the company and the other will be a water and solvent based paint mixing plant by Berger Division.On 28 April 2016, Berger Paints India announced it has entered into a business transfer agreement with BNB Coatings India Private Limited (BNB) for transfer of its paints division relating to 4 wheeler passenger cars and SUV, 3 wheeler and related ancillaries to BNB on a slump sale basis at a consideration of Rs 90 crore, payable in cash. BNB is a joint venture company where Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co., Limited Japan holds 51% stake and Berger Paints India holds 49% stake. The Board of Directors of Berger Paints India at its meeting held on 30 May 2016 recommended issue of Bonus Shares in the proportion of 2 Bonus Shares for every existing 5 shares held on record date to be decided for this purpose.On 2 September 2016, Berger Paints India announced its decision to set up a mixing plant with a maximum capacity of 2,400 KL per annum near the existing factory of the company's subsidiary, Beepee Coatings Private Limited, at Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat for convenience of supply to various customers.On 10 February 2017, Berger Paints India announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Promat International Limited NV of Belgium for cooperation in the field of passive fire protection and high performance insulation coatings in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The MoU envisages production, distribution and supply of specialised fire resistant coatings which may range from lightweight and thin films to cement based wet mix products suitable for steel and concrete, offering various degrees of efficiency in fire resistance. Promat International is a USD 3 billion company headquartered in Belgium. On 27 March 2017, Berger Paints India announcement the commencement of commercial production of its Automotive and General Industrial paints production plant having a capacity of 4,800 KL/MT per annum at Jejuri near Pune in Maharashtra. This facility will strengthen the company's supply capabilities in respect of Automotive and General Industrial paints and the capacity will be enhanced to 24,000 KL/MT per annum in phases. The British Paints Division of Berger Paints India Limited commenced commercial production of its paint and putty plant at Nalbari, Assam on 29 March 2017. The plant has a capacity of 6,600 KL/MT per annum of solvent and water based paints and 7,200 MT per annum of putty and distemper. On 30 March 2017, Berger Paints India announced the commencement of commercial production of its integrated paint and putty plant at Naltali, Nagaon, Assam. The plant has an annual capacity of 48,000 KL/MT per annum of water based paints, 24,000 KL of solvent based paints, 14,000 MT of Resin and 24,000 MT of wall putty. On 11 April 2017, Berger Paints India and Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) of Japan entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation and collaboration in the field of marine and related industrial paints in India. The MOU envisages joint efforts in marketing, supplying, purchasing marine related industrial paints. Subsequently, the parties have a view of establishing a joint venture company as their final objective. Since its establishment in 1917, CMP has uniquely developed marine paints as a core product and is one of the global leaders in the area.The Board of Directors of Berger Paints India at its meeting held on 14 April 2017 approved the Scheme of Amalgamation of BJN Paints India Limited (the Transferor Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of Beepee Coatings Private Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Berger Paints India) with Berger Paints India with effect from 1 April 2017.NBCC Ltd and Bolix, S.A. Poland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berger Paints India Limited, signed a Memorandum of Business Exploration on 17 April 2017 in furtherance of a joint initiative to bring to India External Thermal Insulation and Composite Systems (ETICS), a proven solution for improving energy performance of temperature controlled buildings. ETICS is a very cost effective and efficient solution and much used in Europe. NBCC Ltd and Bolix will jointly promote, develop and facilitate the use of ETICS solutions in building projects in India with the principle objective of reducing significantly the energy requirements for cooling or heating in these buildings which is expected to result in gains in environmental sustainability. The Board of Directors of Berger Paints India at its meeting held on 30 May 2017 approved acquisition of 100% of the paid-up equity share capital of Saboo Coatings Private Limited (SCPL) from its existing shareholders at a consideration of Rs 81.77 crore, subject to closing adjustments for variations in net debt and net working capital. SCPL is engaged in carrying out the business of manufacturing specialty liquid coatings classified as Industrial Coatings' by the paint industry in the segments of agriculture and construction equipment, automotive, fans, electronics, general industrial, elevators, handicraft and home furnishing, hardware and those used by industrial dealers for substrates - metal, plastic, FRP and glass in India. The gross turnover of SCPL (including other income) in the year 2016-17 was Rs 89.43 crore. At the meeting, the Board also approved purchase of 1.03 crore equity shares of Saboo Hesse Wood Coatings Private Limited (SHWCPL), representing 51% of the paid-up equity share capital of SHWCPL for a total consideration of Rs 1.50 crore. The balance 49% is held by Hesse Shares GmbH of Germany. The business and expertise of SHWCPL can gainfully supplement the company's existing wood coatings business, where the two entities can combine their strength and collaborate in the areas of manufacturing, selling, distribution, procurement, technology, etc., resulting in mutual benefit of both the companies. On 23 April 2018, Berger Paints India announced that the Board of Directors of the company has approved installation of an integrated paint plant with water and solvent based decorative, industrial and protective coatings, resin, putty, emulsion and construction chemical manufacturing capabilities at an investment of about Rs 200 crore at Sandila Industrial Area in Uttar Pradesh. Subject to all required consents and approvals, the project is likely to be completed by the end of the financial year 2019-20.